Awards and Recognitions


RENHENG are committed to continuously improving and upgrading our production quality, facilities and production techniques. Over the years, we have been granted or accredited a number of awards and certifications by various governmental authorities in the PRC in recognition of our industry standing and product quality including,

  • Advanced Technological Work Unit
    (企業科技工作先 進單位)
  •  Award of Automatic Tobacco-related Casing and Flavouring System
    (煙用糖料香料自動調配及自動加香加料裝置獲獎證 書)


In additon, we have obtained certain patents including,

  • Utility Patent for Pneumatic Feeding Machinery
  • Utility Patent for Updraft Feeding Machinery
  • Utility Patent for Vertical Pneumatic Spraying Device,
     together with Nanjing University of Science and Technology
    (實用新型專利-立式氣動混合加香加料装置, 與南京理工大學共有)