Company Profile


RENHENG Enterprise is principally engaged in the manufacture, sale and provision of maintenance, overhaul and modification services in respect of tobacco machinery products in the PRC. We primarily produce three types of catalogued special-purpose tobacco machinery products, namely casing and flavouring system, pneumatic feeding system and pre-pressing packing machine. We have obtained a Tobacco Monopoly Production Enterprise Licence (煙草專賣生產企業許可證) issued by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration of the PRC (中國國家煙草專賣局), under which we are permitted to manufacture, sell and provide maintenance, overhaul as well as modification services the aforesaid machinery products, and we are one of the thirty-five licenced manufacturers in the PRC. 


Our manufacturing facility is located on a piece of land with a site area of approximately 62,741 sq.m. in Baoying County, Jiangsu Province, the PRC on which five buildings occupying total gross floor area of approximately 26,986 sq.m. were erected. Our factory area was approximately 23,223 sq.m.