Executive Directors


Liu Li

Ms. Liu is an executive director of the Company and is responsible for overseeing the human resources and administration functions of our Group. In February 2007, she was appointed as a director of Yanlord Industry Investment and has been responsible for overseeing the operation of Baoying Renheng thereafter since the completion of the transfer of equity interest in Baoying Renheng from Yanlord Industrial to Yanlord Industry Investment in 2008. Ms. Liu is principally responsible for the treasury, human resources and administrative functions of the company. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in sport management from Beijing Sport University in July 1992. Ms. Liu is the spouse of Mr. Wei Sheng Peng, the founder of our Group.  She was appointed as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer on 4 May 2016 following the pass away of Mr. Wei Sheng Peng.



Xu Jiagui

Mr. Xu is a director and the general manager of Baoying Renheng. He is primarily responsible for the strategic planning, business development as well as overseeing the daily operations of Baoying Renheng. Mr. Xu has over 11 years of experience in research and development, production and general management relating to the tobacco machinery manufacturing industry. He joined Baoying Renheng in January 2002. Mr. Xu was awarded by Baoying County top ten technological worker and advanced technological worker in March 2000 and April 2001 respectively. He graduated with a college diploma in mechanical design and manufacturing process from Jiangsu Radio and TV University in July 1991 and obtained a certificate of completion for Class for Advanced Studies of Postgraduate Curriculain management science and engineering from Southeast University in December 2004.



List of Directors and their Role and Function